Mommy Myths – What is the Truth

So, we all know that motherhood in a desi family is linked with such a large number of myths that we cannot recognize the actual facts. Every other person has to give advice and most of our mothers fall for myths. Here I am mentioning a list of the myths associated with new mothers. You can help me make this list grow by adding more myths in comments, and I will keep on debugging these myths with research in upcoming articles over the year.

Here goes the list

  1. My milk is not enough for my baby
  2. Babies who breastfeed are clingy
  3. My baby is using me as a pacifier
  4. breastfeeding the baby will make my breast sag
  5. Breastfeeding at night will decay the teeth of the baby
  6. If you want to continue your career, you will have to wean the baby
  7. Drinking water will increase your milk supply
  8. There is no milk in the first few days of postpartum
  9. If your breasts don’t feel full, you have no milk
  10. Babies spitting food is not normal
  11. Giving Panadol whenever a baby cries
  12. Giving cerelac, biscuits, baby food, and custard to less than 6-month-old baby
  13. Giving your child bio-21 to relieve the pain of teething
  14. Rubbing clay and floor on your baby’s face to reduce hair growth
  15. Putting hard things like plates to make the baby’s head flat
  16. Giving honey to a baby before 1 year of age
  17. Giving any milk except breastmilk or formula to baby before 1 year of age
  18. Giving sugar and salt before 1 year
  19. Giving sedatives including Phenergan to increase the baby’s sleep quality
  20. Skipping food items and giving excessive milk after 2 years
  21. Kissing the babies
  22. Comparing your baby’s milestones with other babies
  23. Using a walker to make the baby learn early walking
  24. Over-layering the baby to protect from cold
  25. Not giving vitamin D supplements to infants and babies
  26. Breastfeeding is natural, so it’s easier

Being a new mommy is already difficult, and it gets even more problematic with all the associated myths.

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