Not Enough Breastmilk – Myth Busted

When you give birth to a baby the very first time, things usually don’t work. The first problem, which arises for most of the mothers is, not enough breastmilk, or as some say my milk didn’t come in. Let’s dig in the facts together to find out, why your breastmilk is not enough for the baby.

What is Really Happening?

Mommy, the thing that is really happening with our body is a miracle. You have just grown a full-fledged human being inside you and have given him birth. Now your mammary glands have started producing milk just after your delivery, no matter if you gave birth through a cesarean section or vaginally.

Most women say that their milk did not come in until it was the third or fifth day of delivery, which is true. The initial milk that comes out of your breasts is just little drops of colostrum, which is not mature milk but is very beneficial for the baby. It helps the baby develop his immunity as well as his relation with you (Read more:

Colostrum is a sticky dark-colored liquid as compared to mature milk. It comes only in drops and a teaspoon of it is enough for the baby every two hours because the size of a baby’s stomach is as small as a cherry.

While a mother produces only colostrum for the first three to five days, old ladies suggest supplementing with formula, because they think that the baby is unable to fill his stomach because of the low supply. This is the major cause leading to a low milk supply.

For the initial days of your motherhood, feeding baby every now and then, and whenever he asks for it is really necessary to build up your supply.  There are cases in which breast milk is actually not enough, mostly in women who have low glandular tissue (that’s a topic for another blog). But the way experienced ladies suggest supplementing with formula because they think that milk is not enough leads to the actual decrease in milk.

How to Boost Milk Supply?

There is a simple answer to this very difficult question, and that is nursing.

  • Nurse your baby whenever he asks for it
  • Nurse the baby every two hours during the day and every 3-4 hours during the night even if he doesn’t ask for it

There is no magic item to enhance milk supply except nursing, keeping yourself nourished and drinking a lot of water (Read more:

What Causes Low Milk Supply?

Mommy, so you must know that the production of milk depends upon the demand for milk. When your baby suckles on you, it gives a signal to your brain to produce more milk. If you start supplementing with formula, the baby gets full earlier and the brain starts sending signals to decrease the milk production, which results in a decrease in milk supply. So make sure to nurse your baby every time he asks for it because you mommy, are doing a fantastic job.

And whenever an old lady says that your breastmilk is not enough for the baby, and your baby keeps on nursing every now and then or give a bottle so that you can rest a little, tell them not to poke their noses in someone else’s business.

Although some women might have medical conditions, which lead to low milk production, in a society like Pakistan, there are so much unsolicited advices based on these myths that it becomes difficult to successfully breastfeed the baby. I would suggest asking your breastfeeding problems from a lactation consultant or a professional rather than these people. You got it, mommy, you can do it. Cheers!

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