Bio-21 for Teething? – Myth Busted

 Being a mother is a beautiful but demanding job, and it gets more challenging when you’re confronted with many false tips, especially when you have no idea why your child is getting restless and irritable. Around six months, the baby begins a new period of life called teething. However, with all the excitement that comes with the sight of that first tooth, many mothers struggle to keep their babies calm. Mothers usually believe that Bio-21 for teething helps a baby with symptoms and results in early teething.

When a baby is teething, taking extra care of them is essential. Babies must be given special care and attention during the crucial teething process. Teething is one of the causes of babies’ crankiness and irritability as their gums become sore and swollen. However, as mothers, we wouldn’t want to witness any distress in our babies. 

Bio-21 homeopathic tablets are frequently given to babies to help ease teething pain. Let’s discuss whether or not there is a solid link between these teething pills and pain relief for teething.

Should I Give Bio-21 for Teething

Bio-21 tablets are thought to be the magic pain reliever for teething infants. However, it is relatively frequent in our homes for people to begin taking medications without understanding their intended use or potentially harmful effects. In desi households, it is one of the most popular teething tablets. It is a must for newborns between the ages of 4-6 months to take bio-21 while teething, which is said to help your baby grow teeth rapidly by providing them extra salts. It also relieves other symptoms like restlessness, difficulty teething, or irregular appetite.

Bio-21 and other teething tablets are tiny, water-soluble pills that disintegrate in your baby’s mouth. These pills use homeopathic formulae with 150 mg of Calcarea phosphorus and 150 mg of ferrous phosphorus as the active components. But we have no idea that whatever we give our newborns is not as healthy for them as we have been led to believe.

Why Giving Bio-21 is Not Good for Your Baby

Teething is a natural process, and it’s also natural for the baby to show signs of discomfort and crankiness during this period. Your baby will have symptoms like drooling, a low to moderate fever, sensitivity and tenderness around the gum line, change in eating habits, and the urge to chew on something hard. Know that this happens when teeth are trying to come out of the gums. But doctors highly discourage using these medicines for infants, and let’s see why.

Bio-21 or Bioplasgen-21 contains ingredients like Calcarea phosphorus and ferrous phosphorus. According to research, the amount of calcium in these supplements is beyond the requirements of a baby’s normal levels. Hence, it may result in side effects, like late eruption or general ankylosis (immobility of teeth in gums) of baby teeth. These early modifications raise the likelihood that your kid may eventually need braces or have their appearance altered. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved any of these teething tablets. But authorities are more concerned about the ingredients which pose an unnecessary risk to infants and babies. Additionally, the substances in teething tablets have yet to be the subject of significant research. Consequently, many pediatricians do not suggest them. These medicines may cause irregular or delayed eruption, misaligned tooth development, lethargy, and sleepiness.

Because many homeopathic medications’ ingredients are essential, they are not a good option for baby teething. How much food your baby consumes is a crucial factor. If they ingest more food than is recommended, a newborn may exhibit signs including severe lethargy, convulsions, and excessive sleepiness.

What Should be Used in its Place?

Now, you might be wondering what a healthy substitute would be if these teething tablets weren’t to be used. We also have additional methods for soothing an agitated baby, 

  • You can put a chilled teether in your baby’s mouth;
  • You can give them a gum massage with a clean finger to soothe their gums;
  • If your infants continue to cry out of agony, you can use pain relievers medications like Panadol; and
  • You can also use teething toys, which help calm your little one down.

So, mommies, I urge you to refrain from using any of these temporary fixes and to always see a doctor if you see anything out of the ordinary because it is a fact that teething can be handled without the use of any treatments or prescription drugs. When your baby gets his first tooth, it’s an encouraging indication that he can now try other varieties of foods. Hence, Mommies resist the need to react and savor the moment, knowing that teething won’t last forever and neither will these beautiful moments with your baby.

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