Career and Breastfeeding Do Not get Along – Myth Busted

It is commonly told to our ambitious mothers that breastfeeding as a working woman is just not possible. You have to stay at work for long hours and your child needs constant time with you. Breastmilk is considered to be the only source of nutrition for babies under 6 months and the primary source of nutrition for babies under a year. Since it is a tedious task, working women are discouraged to breastfeed the baby and women are suggested to wean off the baby before returning to work. Let’s talk about this popular belief that career and breastfeeding do not get along.

Do Working Women Breastfeed?

Many people think that it’s pretty impossible to be a nursing mother as well as a working woman. Breastfeeding is one of the main reasons that many women stop working after giving birth. There are other reasons as well. Lack of knowledge and preparedness during pregnancy contributes to the decision to quit nursing after returning to work. Many women don’t get any prenatal advice on nursing before pregnancy. While it truly is very hard to play roles as a working woman and a nurisng mother, yet not impossible.

Breastfeeding got Nothing to do with a Career

First of all, enjoy this wonderful journey of motherhood with your little one before these moments become beautiful memories. Lay back, relax, have some time to yourself and your child alone, embracing mother nature.  Indeed, it’s challenging for a mother to leave her child for work after maternity leave, but a mother’s career is also a very important part of our lives.

Being a nursing mother and returning to work does not spell the end of your career. You may combine your rights and obligations, multitask by juggling your job and breastfeeding, and set an example for others. Because women have no other option except to continue working, which is bad for the baby or quit their jobs to care for their children, many mothers introduce their infants to bottled milk at a young age.

We all know that breastmilk meets all of the demands of a developing infant; it serves as a complete meal for the child. It is the best source of nourishment and guards against numerous diseases for your infant. Baby should be breastfed exclusively during the first six months of life, at the very least. It is the best source of nourishment and guards against numerous diseases for your infant.

New mothers may sometimes feel extra pressure of being the perfect Mom. You might feel guilty for stepping away from your child or depriving the baby of the attention, but know that being a working mom is a long-term benefit which according to a study at Harvard business school indicates that men that are raised by working mothers are often associated with good income, being more caring and helping in the household.

Breastfeeding while working is proven to help boost mothers’ creativity and productivity at work. as a mother, you will feel relieved when taking some time out for your little one.

Another benefit mostly breastfed babies enjoy is a healthy lifestyle and being free of many illnesses. So, mothers tend to focus more on work and miss fewer days because of staying home with a sick child.

Breastfeeding mothers build a beautiful connection with their little ones because of increased releases of hormones oxytocin or prolactin. Working mothers, when they breastfeed their child after work, feels a connection with their child which will be lost if the kid is being fed formula milk. Similarly, if mothers chose to pump at work, it maintains the feeling of doing something for the child and building confidence in maintaining the child’s nutritional supply.

How to Manage Work and Breastfeeding

  • Mommies, make use of that maternity leave wisely and spoil your little one with all your attention and time. Breastfeed your infants frequently so that the baby develops a strong habit of breastfeeding.
  • Prepare enough stash of milk before you join your work back.
  • Make sure to feed the baby in the morning before leaving for work.
  • Always take your employer in confidence and tell them about your plans and how it is more efficient for you.
  • You should request a private setup or a small room where you can take breaks from work while you pump milk, or you can get a wireless pump which doesn’t require any break from your working schedule.
  • Pump every 2-3 hours while you are at work to maintain your supply.
  • You must have properly sealed containers to store breastmilk and put them in a cooler.
  • And most importantly, always have a night feed session for the babies; it helps in regulating the supply

Mommies, you have got this. It is overwhelming at times, but it is going to be the most rewarding thing.

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